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It’s a big world, where do we go from here?

In these times of change, who better to face them than a adventure guide. From becoming the youngest canadian to summit Everest and Canada’s foremost wilderness guide, JF Carrey teaches teams and leaders about the adventurers mentality in business. He uses anecdotes from expeditions he has participated and led in these immense and uncontrolable environments and how it relates to your audience.

Fear is the first emotion felt when face by change. Adventurers uses this fear to percevere and focus on the objective. JF shows how we can change fear into energy. Once we have the energy, we need a plan. Guides always have a plan even in the most uncontrolable circomstances. How do we elaborate them and stick to the basic objectives and how we define success in changing environments.

Audiences will find enlightening the precise link between the stories and J-F’s own objectives. Other themes such as team work, motivation and positive thinking are subjects of his talks.

J-f analyzes the needs of the audience and adjusts his speeches accordingly, enabling the audience to apply his lessons to their own goals and objectives.

Untitled from Jean-François Carrey on Vimeo.

Audience comments

“JF Carrey is a charismatic speaker with abundant energy. You can see the fire in his eyes. His stories will certainly motivate anyone to reach their goals. If JF can climb Mount Everest, we can all climb our own personal mountains. He has personally helped me define my own mountain and has given me an action plan to conquer it. He has motivated me to thrive for greater things. Thanks JF!”

Martin Perras – President of The Leader’s Institute of Canada

“…your accomplishments will serve as inspiration for our nation.”

The Rt. Hon. Stephen Harper, Prime Minister of Canada

“J-F has the courage to dream big and the ability to create the path necessary to make dreams come true. He has the rare stuff that inspires people and organizations to reach for the stars and make the impossible-possible.”

John E. Turner, CEO of Net Infuse Inc.

JF Carrey Guide

It's a big world, where do we go from here?

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